Our Partners

With so many businesses on Maui producing new and innovated products, we are proud to work with partners of Maui Food & Wine. 

folks & local business

Partnering with local business owners is part of the personal pride we offer in our product and in supporting our local community and fellow business operators.  You can be assured that your special event has been provided by our expansive local network of partners. 

Wailea, Maui, Hawaii

The most impressive collection of wine, spirits and specialty foods from around the world are neatly nestled in this gem of a location at Wailea Town Center.  We work with the owner and staff to ensure the absolute best offering for all budgets


kupa'a farm

slopes of Haleakala, Maui

This 6 acre family farm, located at 1900 feet elevation on the slopes of Haleakala, Maui, grows a wide range of organic vegetables, fruits and award winning …

Kauai shrimp

Farm Raised, Kauai, Hawaii

Hands down, this is the best shrimp you’ll ever taste. Known for its sweet flavor, superior texture and stunning visual appeal, Kauai Shrimp™ is the preferred choice of Kauai’s and Hawaii’s top chefs.

Blue ocean Mariculture

Big Island, Hawaii

Blue Ocean specializes in mariculture, not fish farming. We raise our Hawaiian Kanpachi in their natural environment, the open ocean, at depths and temperatures that are ideal for their natural biology to guarantee healthy and sustainable food for customers who can taste the difference Hawaiian waters make

upcountry, Maui

One of our favorite partners in chocolate.  Handcrafted chocolate, which we use in many of our desserts, is their specialty.  They call it “blossom to bar.”  An excellent little something special for dinner parties.. a private chocolate tasting for dessert and educational as well. Learn how to make chocolate.  Chocolate enthusiasts will be doing happy chocolate dances into the eventing.  


wendys greens

South Maui

Handcrafted collections of the most beautiful, tasty, nutritious micro-greens.  Suitable for all bites at any occasion. 

homemade in West Maui

Wedding cakes, celebration cupcakes, tarts, oh my! Order a special batch of delicious delectables to keep your family and friends mouths watering through your whole event!


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Whether you’re looking for a great place to have a nice dinner or you want to celebrate an event, we are the perfect place.
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