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I am  a local private chef on Maui, and this is a curated collection of my favorite food related things.  In support of my  brand, Maui Food & Wine, I offer my recipes, favorite locations, Maui products I use and love as well as global wines and spirits and local libations.  Search for something specific or just check out what we’ve been exploring, discovering.   You can join my list of followers and receive updates monthly.  I’d love to share with you! ~ Katarina

How to Create the Perfect Charcuterie Board

A simple guide to creating the perfect cheeseboard for every occasion.

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Always first consider your guests and the occasion for which you’re building this unique and delicious creation.  Keeping that in mind, I always start with the cheese, for obvious reasons, unless I have some specialty or seasonal produce or products I have to showcase, in which case for those Items I would select the cheese appropriate for each item and build from there.  

Consider three things for your cheese variety ~  1.  type of milk, cow, goat, sheep. 2.  age of cheese, fresh, aged, length of age  3.  Origin.   You want to have a bit of all three:  3 types of milk, 3 types of age, and three different origins.  A basic no fail three that are likely available in most markets include:  a Brie or ripe triple cream cheese with a bloomy rind. (Fromager D’Affinois a definite crowd pleaser and always the first one to go). This is a cows milk that’s considered a fresh or young cheese and often very mild.  Second up, lets explore Sheep?  Manchego has become a household name in the world of cheese, up there with Gruyere, Brie, and Roquefort.  It’s from Spain, so we now have covered a second origin, a second animal and it is sold with slight age of different variation, you’ll likely be able to find 3-6 month aged Manchego.  Leaving us with Goat and Age and we might try another country in Europe since our first two choices are European, and I’m wanting to go to Holland for a Goat aged Gouda.  Although Spain and France both have outstanding selections, we are looking for “easier to find.”  Beemster it is!!! An award winning 3-5 year aged Gouda. There is also a Traditional version made from cow, so be careful when purchasing.  The Goat Beemster wont be as dark in color, it will be a creamy nutty toasty orange, but not deep orange like it’s counterpart.  

Next is Meat if you’re the carnivorous type.  I recommen selecting meats that compliment the country and style of your selected cheese.  So in this example, we’d be looking for French, Saucisson; Spanish, love a good aged chorizo sliced thinly and finally Holland?  Not known for their aged meat, we might like to consider the cheese itself and pair off that.  So we’d be looking for something to go with our aged cheese.  The salt from Italian Prosciutto works well, or even a nice thin slice of Mortadella.  

And finally, all the accoutrements.  Just do the same, select nuts, fresh and dried fruits, and I always like to include prepared and raw vegetables. 

The last touches will be a selection of breads and crackers, keep in mind, variety is Queen.  Consider texture and flavor; as well as a few spreads and sauces ~ pesto is fun, pepper jelly, easy to make and scrumptious and mustard.  Voila!  Now just have fun creating a beautiful presentation.  




Where to Buy on Maui?  The new Foodland in Kehalani is hands down, the most curated collection of cheese since the old days of “Who Cut the Cheese” and “Guava, Gouda & Caviar”. Visit Wendy for professional advice.  Costco over the holidays and Mana Foods in Paia.  

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