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Maui Cheese Club of Times Past

A nod to our good old friend “Stuey” the South Maui Cheese Monger for many years, we sure do miss them and the many cheese dances performed by random guests and private chefs that were our customers.  We hope to bring some of that back!   Our goal is to bring some of cheese from around the world to Maui so local cheese lovers can continue their global romance with Cheese.  

Monthly Maui Cheese! 

Just one cheese monthly, brought to you by Maui Food & Wine.  We make it easily accessible, and kept with your name on it in advance.  There is no fee to join, just sign up monthly if you wish you to have some of the cheese for the month.  If you want a subscription, you can do that too and receive monthly emails regarding the cheese of the month.  Pickup and drop off locations are to be announced.   


Maui Cheese Club

coming soon!


cheese recipes

Part of “Cooking on Maui.”  Maui Cheese Club members can share recipes and wine pairings.


Traditional and Maui specialties

wine pairings

A global collection of wine and spirits with a special emphasis on Maui! 

cheese fun!

Education ourselves on the magic of cheese making and cheese eating. 

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